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Lake Oswego Stunner offered at $1,399,000

Oregon Real Estate by MB Martinez

Hello, I am very proud to call Portland my home and my community.  This is the city that has been very good to my family over the last nine years.  I got into real estate in 2010, We purchased our first home in the upcoming Alberta Arts area and, recently moved down the block to our dream home where my wife and I are expecting another son.  Portland is the place where our dreams came true and now I know what RCTID means when I go to Timber’s games.

I am an engineer, married to an attorney and, over the last 15 years have had very enganging, complex and, analytical conversations with my beautiful wife Caroline that always end up in a tie 😉.  When my wife and I met in La Jolla, 15 years ago, I told her I wanted to be in residential real esate.  The problem was I had no experience so, I started my own business building and designing websites for clients and businesses that were tailored to fit their specific needs.  Straddled with school debt and my wife volunteering out of law school,  I never imagined we would ever own a home and, then somehow right after we moved to Portland and got marrried we met a mortgage lender handing out business cards at Starbucks who helped us convert our rent into our first mortgage.  Until then, I knew nothing about the steps it took to own a house.  And, very luckly along the way, I met some of the best people in the residential real estate business and, was more successful than I had anticipated we would be.  

My wife and I now enjoy our enganging, often complex and overly analytical conversations in a beautiful, environmentally conscience home, built with a platinum certified energy rating certificate, certifying the home leaves the lowest possible carbon foot print, by today’s standards, on planet earth as possible.  (it’s all about saving the Polar bears)

And, now I am finally a successful broker 15 years in the making.  I look forward to hearing your story and helping in anyway I can with your journey.  I signed with RE/MAX equity group in Portland because they offer clients the best protection in the business and, good engineering and good law is always about safety first.  Let me know how I can help you and your family and please get in touch because I always welcome the opportunity for a good engaging, often complex overly analytical conversation.  Take care.

Michael B. Martinez |  Real Estate Broker

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